How Long Do Water Softeners Last? Extend Water Softener Life

How long do water softeners last? Extend water softener life, and do they need some maintenance? You want your investment to last as long as possible. So, here are some tips and the most important steps to extend your water softener’s life.

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Water softeners can last 10 to 20 years, depending on the type and quality you buy. On average, a single tank electric water softener can last you up to 12 years; while a Kinetic system can last for twenty years. However, no appliance lasts forever.

What is more about Extending water softener life, let us look into some more special key points.

Steps on How to Extend Water Softener life

Here I will tell the crucial steps that are very important to extend your water softer life up to so many years.

Check the Salt Regularly

Extend water softener life; on top of that, you should need to refill your water softener’s brine tank after every two months. However, other than that, to check your water softener regularly is an effective idea to extend your device’s life.

How to check the salt? You will have to open the brine tank lid and make sure your machine’s salt is wet and covered in water nicely. On the other hand, if the water softener’s salt is dry and the water level looks very low, the water softener needs to refill.

However, if your water softener is older than ten years, checking salt’s level frequently becomes very important. No doubt, following this tip will ensure your system lasts as long as possible.

Use Good Salt

Whenever you need to refill your system’s brine tank, make sure nicely, you use the best quality salt. In this connection, you need not worry about the cost of salt because it is available at a fairly low price.

For the best of the best, you can buy evaporated salt pellets, which are very nice and much pure all of the others. Furthermore, you may buy any salt except block salt that is not so good for your device.

Other than that, to select the quality of salt, you can also contact the manufacturer. Indeed, it will be very useful.

Know-How to Clean a Water Softener Brine Tank

Cleaning your water softener is very important to extend the life of your machine. How to clean a water softener? Don’t worry about this; it is very simple to clean your water softener at your home.

Excellent, and the easiest way to clean the device is to wait until the brine tank is nearly out of salt. However, if there is some salt left on the brine’s bottom, you can easily remove it using any clothing piece. If your water softener is very dirty, the salt will look more harmful.

If there is sludge in solid-state on the bottom of the brine tank, you can use a stick to break the salt pieces. Besides this, detergents, water, and a brush can also be used to clean your water softener’s brine tank.

More Rarely Know-How to Clean a Water Softener Resin Tank

Cleaning a brine tank is not difficult since you will be doing this and refilling the brine tank at intervals. As a result, you become a master of cleaning your device. But how to clean a water softener resin tank is a simple skill. Plus, you don’t need to call an expert for this job.

No doubt, your system has resin beads. Certainly, the regeneration process of your water softener will remove build-up from these beads. Resin beads become less effective after working up-to seven years.

To solve your machine’s resin beads issue, the only good and simple way is to have a professional replacement of beads. However, this method of replacement is very costly. Nonetheless, a DIY workaround involves using an iron-cleaning formula to clean the beads and restore efficiency.

Know-How to Spot Trouble

Here is another important point to tell you how long do water softeners last? Extend water softener life is to know the place of trouble. For this purpose, you can use a soap by mixing it with hard water and putting it on your water softener.

Best of all, checking your machine’s brine tank is a very nice and great way to solve one possible issue. However, if you remain to fail to trace out the trouble parts, you don’t need to open your softener to see something wrong.

What is more? Some other signs are also useful to see the defected point of your water softener. These signs include scale build-up in pipes and sinks. Moreover, you can also guess the machine’s problem with water taste and stiff laundry.


What Happens If My Water Softener Runs Out Of Salt?

No doubt, salt plays a very important role in water softener function. If your water softener lacks salt, the system will not work properly, but this is not harmful to your system. However, your water softener will start working as soon as you refill the brine tank of your machine with salt.

How To Replace Resin In A Water Softener?

Exactly how to replace resin in a water softener will depend on your specific system? Though this process needs some skill and special tools, you will need to stop your water softener from working. Plus, you will have to unscrew the valve head and then throw some resin beads to replace them.

Do Water Softeners Need To Be Serviced?

Very special point is to repair and service the water softener when needed. No doubt, your water softener can do work for many years, yet you need its service and replacement of the resin beads, which is the most important issue.


To sum up, I have presented some important steps and points that will answer how long do water softeners last? Moreover, I have many other effective techniques you can follow to increase and extend your water softener’s life.

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